April 29, 2002

I am an incredibly proud Nana today. My grandson’s Ukrainian Dance Recital was held yesterday afternoon, April 28th, and it was a great performance. He performed the “Coffee Grinder” on stage for the first time and pulled it off perfectly! This Nana got so excited she nearly jumped out of her seat! All the dancers from his dance club performed superbly. The guest performers’ dances were brilliant! Oh to be able to dance like that!

The last few weeks have been rather hectic getting ready for the recital but it was well worth the effort. Amazing what this old body can do. I got both the recital tickets and the invitations designed and printed on time. My next project was to write the letters requesting donations and was very pleasantly surprised at the generous response. I finally finished printing the programs that I had designed about midnight on Saturday. Saturday late afternoon I spent an hour with the other volunteers decorating the theatre for Sunday. We all met again at the theatre on Sunday morning at 11:00 am to set up for the reception after the recital. It is so nice when everything comes together so perfectly.


The most stressful part of my day on Sunday was the very short presentation I made honouring a dear friend of mine who has served as chairperson of the Parents Board of the dance club for the last four years. By the time I made the presentation I knew that I was exhausted beyond belief but I managed to pull off the presentation without any hitches. However, when my friend and I were walking back stage after the presentation everything suddenly went black, my legs gave out and I fell like a ton of bricks.. All I could think was thank goodness this happened now and not while I was on stage. I wish I knew what causes this extreme, total body fatigue and muscle weakness in my legs which in turn causes me to collapse. This has happened to me before and I hate it. This incident just makes me more determined than ever to find out what the heck is going on with this old body of mine.

Today I am still in that realm of utter exhaustion but that is nothing new. I am tired no matter what I do. Along with the fatigue I am experiencing excruciating pain in my hips, legs and feet and no I did not dance yesterday. It seems when I am over tired the pain becomes much more intense. I woke up this morning with some kind of infection in my right eye. Very weird. I have never had this before. There is quite a bit of swelling below the eye. With Graves Disease the bags under my eyes are bad enough without any additional swelling. Oh well, I am sure this too will pass.


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