April 30, 2002

Great expectations I do not have!  Today was my appointment with No Name. The appointment which I had hoped would bring some results was a dud.

No Name informed me that he had been too busy to look over the medical records I had brought him on April 11th. These were the records that he asked me to bring him so that he could figure out exactly what tests I still needed.  He told me that he planned to go over my records but would not have time in the next little while. No Name checked my eye and gave me some antibiotic eye drops. I told him that my stomach was driving me crazy so he gave me a prescription for something called Nexium.  When I left I told No Name that he could give me a call if and when he read my records. He assured me he would.  Of course, I won’t hold my breath while I wait!

I am getting so used to the nonchalant attitude of doctors that I don’t get my knickers in a twist anymore if an appointment turns out to be a waste of time. However it does make me wonder if doctors get some sadistic thrill out of watching a 54 year old woman suffer month after month and year after year.  I am beginning to think this is a game with them.  Hopefully it is just a game and not some evil plot to see how long it will take to drive a 54 year old woman right around the bend and have her begging for sedation.  I have to admit that I have become very cynical about these so called healers.

There is always Thursday, May 2nd, the day I see Squirt. I wonder if he will still be as agreeable as he was on the phone when he told me that he felt it was now time to do the tests that I had been requesting.  I will know soon enough.


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