June 13,2002

The burst of energy I had the week of May 27th is definitely gone. I wonder if it had to do with the B12 shot. I am scheduled for another shot on June 24th. Hopefully I will gain another week of energy after that. I guess time will tell.

Today was my appointment with No Name and the Microalbuminuria clinic. I had the microalbuminuria tests and for the first time in a while I had no microalbuminuria (tiny amounts of protein in the urine) which is a good thing. After the test, I continued on to my appointment with No Name. My cholesterol is high at 6.49. It has gone up from 6.2. My total cholesterol/HDL ratio is also high at 5.11. My fasting blood sugar was 4.7 which is excellent. The triglycerides were normal at .88 and the VLDL was normal at .40. The other test results were not in so I will have to wait for those until my next appointment on June 27th.

My blood pressure is up at 159/95 which is rather worrisome. However, I have decided not to take medication. I have been keeping track of my blood pressure and it fluctuates too much. In a matter of a day it can go from 159/95 to 116/65.

I have been looking back at the copies of my old medical records; the records from the tests I had while I was being diagnosed with Graves Disease. Now that I am older and wiser, I wish someone would explain to me exactly what those tests really meant.

On February 20th, 1998 my T4 was 113 with the lab normal being 58-140.  My T3RIA was 3.2 with the lab normal being 1.3-2.8.  My TSH was <.1 with the lab normal being 0.5-4.

The thyroid antibody test I had that day came back with all results as negative.  Thyroglobulin antibodies were negative, microsomal antibodies were negative, ANA was negative and the Latex was negative.

On the same day my ESR was 51 with the lab normal for a female being 0-20.

The lab noted on the test result that my platelets appear normal, RPX slight aniso with few macrocytes and no latex present.

On March 3, 1998 I had a 4 hour thyroid uptake and scan.  The report says and I quote, “49 year old female.  Palpitation with tremor, anxiety and headache, TSH and T4 increased and the thyroid is normal in size.  The report goes on to say, “The 4 hour uptake of iodine 131 is mildly elevated at 21% (normal range 4-15%).  The gland has been imaged with pertechnetate.  This demonstrates avid tracer accumulation within both lobes.  No hot or cold nodules are identified.  The impression states that the findings are consistent with Graves’s disease.

On April 3, 1998 I had my I-131 treatment (radio active iodine).  The report sites my clinical history as follows and I quote, “49 year old female with Graves’s hyperthyroidism.”  The clinical history continues with, “Thyroid 30 grams and four hour uptake at 21%.  The report states that the provisional diagnosis is Graves’s disease.  Wonder why it is called a provisional diagnosis?  Were they not sure?  The Radio pharmaceutical report states that I was given I-131, 510 MBq  p.o. (per mouth) on April 3, 1998 at 13:35 hours.  The report also confirms a second time that an oral treatment dose of 510 MBq of I-131 was administered.

When I was getting ready to leave the hospital that day after my treatment, the nurse assured me that I would feel better in no time flat.  In this case, ignorance was NOT bliss.

If there is one message that I can get across with these diaries, that message is “do not submit to RAI until you have looked at all your options.”   RAI may very well curse you to a life with horrendous non-treatable symptoms.  Trust me I am a prime example of such an error.

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