December 9,2003

LuellatwoOn Monday, December 1st I received a phone call from the ENT specialist. She told me that the x-rays were normal but she was very concerned about the pain in my head and in my bones/joints. She told me that she was going to write a letter to No Name and tell him that I needed a CT Scan ASAP. I thanked her for her concern and then proceeded to wait for No Name’s call with an appointment date.

I think I could have waited until hell froze over. I finally called No Name’s office on Monday December 8th and asked for an appointment to see him. The appointment was on Wednesday, December 10th. When I asked No Name if he had made the CT scan appointment he had to refer back to the letter the ENT specialist had written to him. After reading it, he admitted that yes she had requested that he book one for me. No Name had several theories as to why I have this persistent pain in my head (behind my right ear). One theory is that my neck is too tense; the other theory is that it could be a migraine. I have no problems turning or moving my neck. Apparently I have some tender spots on the right side of my neck but that doesn’t surprise me considering all the pain that I have had behind my right ear. This is definitely not a migraine; I know what migraines feel like having suffered enough of them in my lifetime. I cannot put the right side of my head on a pillow; the pain and pressure become too intense and I then need someone to lift my head so I can get up. The pain is isolated to this one small area behind my ear.

Saturday morning was spent determining what Christmas shopping I have left to do. I got a call late morning from the hospital telling me that my CT n is booked for Monday, December 15th at 11:00 AM. I can only hope and pray that this CT scan will show something; anything at this point; so that I can put these miserable symptoms behind me and get on with my life.

It has been a quiet Sunday. We attended our Grandson’s Sunday School Christmas program tonight. It was wonderful to see eight and nine year olds singing their hearts out. To bad this innocent age passes by so quickly.

Hope you all have a good week; Christmas is only 10 days away!

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