December 14,2003

LuellatwoThis evening I will begin my diary entry with a request.  I am having a CT scan tomorrow morning at 11:00 AM and I need all the prayers and good thoughts I can get. This seems like the end of the road for me and if the scan tomorrow comes back normal I don’t know what I am going to do next. The pain in my head refuses to go away. My vision and hearing are getting worse. I am utterly exhausted from the lack of proper sleep. The nausea, dizziness and pain in the mornings are unbearable. Please pray that this scan tomorrow will convince my doctors to take me seriously.

I have been remiss with my diary entries. My son flew home from Seattle for a week long visit on November 22nd. We had a wonderful time; the only problem was that the 7 days went by much too quickly. Grandson came to the airport with us to pick up his uncle. Since our son’s flight came in quite late on Saturday evening we had my parents and our daughter and family over for brunch on Sunday morning. During the week my son and I visited, read books and did some shopping.   He made some fantastic dinners; walked down the street to visit with his grandparents and spent time with his sister and her family. He attended his nephew’s hockey game; sat in on his nephew’s Ukrainian dance class and met his nephew’s school teacher and got a tour of his classroom. Even though he was here less than a month ago, I already miss him terribly.

By Tuesday, November 25th, I realized that the antibiotics that the doctor had prescribed on November 21st where not helping the infection in my ears and my head. I called his office and explained my problem to his nurse. She called me back a short while later to tell me that No Name did not know what else to do so he was referring me to an ENT specialist in the city.  They had been able to book an appointment with the specialist for November 27th.

My son and husband accompanied me to the ENT specialist appointment.  The specialist told me that she could not see anything wrong with my ears except for some scaling inside. (I had been on antibiotics for two and a half weeks by then; there should have been some improvement with my ears!). She also informed me that I did not have an infection in my head but that it was very obvious that I had pain in a specific area. She ordered x-rays and told me she would call me with the results. As is the case with most of my doctors’ appointments, I went home feeling very discouraged and let down.

We took our son to the airport on Saturday, November 29th.  As always it is hard to say goodbye.

Sunday, November 30th we were distracted by our Grandson’s hockey game. They won which was an added bonus. If someone had told me nine years ago that I would be hustling my butt over to all the arenas in the area to watch kids’ hockey I would have said they were nuts. Amazing what a grandson can inspire you to do; I actually look forward to going to his games.

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