April 8, 2018

The end of March was a difficult time for me.   My 70th birthday on March 28th really threw me for a loop.  Quite frankly, I have no idea why turning 70 affected me in such a negative way.  Our only grandchild, Benjamin turned 24 on April 5th.

This year Easter happened between my birthday and Benjamin’s birthday.  Our daughter once again invited us to her house on Easter Sunday not only to celebrate Easter but to celebrate my birthday and Benjamin’s birthday.   Natasha made a fabulous lunch which included her famous scalloped potatoes, my favourite gingerbread cake, and Benjamin’s favourite banana bread cake.  Thank you, Natasha, for once again making our family get together a very special time.


Natasha and her dad spent alternate weekends in February and March working on a High striker for The Society of Ethical Treatment of Kraken Tea in June.  Here is Natasha’s comment copied from her Facebook page,  “Our High striker, or Strength- tester, is almost ready.  Just a few more tweaks and it will be ready for the Tea.  My dad and I made it together.  We had a wonderful and hilarious time engineering this beasty. Thanks so much, dad!!!   I have missed these projects with my dad.  He is 71 and I am spending as much quality time with him as I can. These are the true quality moments in life. The ones that make you think, make you cherish, and are the memories you will have to keep”.

As you know my husband and I have been searching for a new family doctor.  After much nonsense from the Doctor Find Association, we were finally given the name of a doctor in Winnipeg whose clinic is a 45-minute drive from our house.  My husband saw him first and was very impressed with the appointment.  Thanks to this new doctor Peter now has a cardiologist.  I had my appointment last week and I too was very impressed.  All my fears and worries came to nothing; he prescribed and renewed my medications without a hesitation.  Talk about a load being lifted from my shoulders.



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2 Responses to April 8, 2018

  1. Jan says:

    HI so happy you finally found a doctor. I was really having a tough time from Dec till mid-March.
    However I am still weaning but I will so much better and am able to do more things.
    Glad you posted.
    Won’t be able to come to chat tonight.


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